Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up on life

Can't believe that is has been that long since I last logged on. I guess life got busy.

Moving back home from the winter season at the market took a lot more work than I thought it would be. There are still boxes that need unpacking, photos to take, items to post on the website, advertising, etc., etc., etc.

So in the midst of putting away all these beads and supplies, the urge to make new jewelry has just become overpowering. So, I just finished posting some of the pieces to my etsy page, and will be adding them to my website as well.

I was recently asked to co-captain my local etsy team, Palm Beach County Etsy Team. It is a great group of folks and great artists. One of the first projects I took on was to organize promo weeks. Each person got a date when each member of the team will be promoted by the team.
We seem to be having fun with this, hoping to drive sales to each other. This has been fun learning more about other's crafts.

Hopefully, I can keep up on the blog, introduce some great folks, show off some new work and have a great time.

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